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About Afro Broadcasting Center

Afro Broadcasting Center [AfroBC] a media platform that integrates audio and visual news, entertainment and education about various Afro cultures. Here at AfroBC you will experience the sights and sounds as we present to you the many layers of cultures within the African, Caribbean, American regions and more.


AfroBC strives to become a pivotal media resource for information, entertainment and news for various Afro communities.

Mission Statement

Afro Broadcasting Center [AfroBC] works to bring together various communities of Afro decent. With the use of media and social networking, AfroBC offers a range of entertainment and services that helps to uplift and connect people who would normally work exclusively with their cultural communities to other communities of color to pool resources, experiences, and knowledge for a greater purpose and goal.

Core Values

Self-Development - we support lifelong learning and personal growth.

Excellence - we maintain the highest professional standards in support of the organization's mission.

Accountability - we are accountable for providing quality service and instruction.

Integrity - we maintain responsible personal and professional behavior.


Our mission is to bring awareness of the many similarities all Afro communities share. Through networking and entertainment we hope to bring awareness of the many interesting factors that make us all unique and similar. Here are the various communities that we work closely with to represent their cultural essence.


AfroBC Radio allows you, the listener, to experience and explore the many sounds of the Afro cultures. You will hear music from all Afro regions around the world including; Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Haiti, Jamaica, Cape Verde and more…


For your viewing pleasure, AfroBC brings to you a unique line up of shows that explores the many minds of the individuals with various backgrounds, knowledge and talent. You can witness shows that offer you a glimpse of the positive people doing amazing things within their communities. You may also find shows that provide entertainment and an inside look into the communities that share distinct differences and similarities.


With up-to-date news and information, AfroBC brings forth the messages and current events that matter to you. From around the world to your backyard, we offer you a sense of what is happening all over.

Board Members:

Robert Kayanja ~ (Founder & CEO)

Karyn Glemaud ~ (Co. Sec / Director)

Admin Team Members:

Open Position ~ Gen. Administrator